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Transforming Influence,

We are here to build with you a community of active and highly engaged members.

A "Pow Wow" is a Native American tradition that brings together many different tribes and celebrates dance, song, socializing. Powwo is your best partner to gather a community of users/clients/partners/prospects.

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Charlotte is the founder of POWWO. She has 15 years of experience in BtoB Marketing and Communications for tech companies. She believes in the power of genuine connection in human's relationships. 

Helping, sharing experience, collaborating with each other towards a common interest is a great opportunity for brands too. Organisations can drive change through community.

Personal note?

She is also the co-founder of The Plastic Flamingo and a environmental activist.

Our Team.

Our team is a group of passionate marketing leaders with expertise with:

    - community building

    - webinar and event planning

    - content creation

    - podcast and video production

Native Drums
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