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Define Your Persona

We clearly define together the target end-user segments and the unique value proposition that your community will add for your community persona. What kind of community are you and why would people want to join your specific community?

Build Your Infrastructure

We work with you to establish foundational community infrastructure including documentation, resource center, forums, and technology (Slack, Linkedin, or other tools) to facilitate community interactions. We choose where your community will exist: LinkedIn, Webinars, In-person events, Private online community management platforms.

Building Brand Authority Can Be Hard. We Make It Easier.

Brands who focus on building their owned audience have a significant advantage over the competition. You will increase lead generation, have access to direct feedbacks, boost your revenue, build long-lasting partnerships

Plan & Activate

It’s crucial that you plan and strategize your community from the start. We work with you to build proper planning, growth strategy, content strategy. We run regular programs to establish and activate your community. Then, we start recruiting internal and external influencers.


We designate a head of community or hire somebody external to the company to own the community. He/she will make sure to maintain the value of your community by encouraging contributions and moderating accordingly.

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Getting started with your community:

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Our Services


Building Foundations

- Defining Strategy and Branding (2 workshops)

- Creating content strategy and Ressource hub

- Choosing Ideal Platform and Building Technical Infrastructure


Creating Content

- Developing Practical Content

- Resources Management

- Members Hiring Process

- Members Onboarding

- Manage and Moderate Discussions  



- Promoting the Community

- Producing a Dedicated Podcast

- Planning an Annual Summit

- Offering 1 to 1 sessions

Ready to Gather Your Powwo?

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